A few days ago my twitter feed became flooded with #actuallivingscientist and it was great. However, it’s possible some people do not follow the same sort of crowds as me, so I’m rehashing (a small part of) the conversation here.

The conversation started pretty innocently:













And suddenly a hastag was born! In an effort to reach out, something scientist are doing more and more in the face of skepticism and mistrust against their profession, hundreds of people began tweeting.

Some took the time to promote wome in STEM:














Combined with the recent #dresslikeawomen, naturally
























The pictures showed a wide diversity of people, in labs, in class, in the field



























The posts were interesting, weird, informative and everything in between




































In conclusion this hashtag and every post within it is Good Stuff, and I highly reccommend that everyone spend some time checking it out. Science can be complicated or full of huge arcane words, or mistakenly come across as boring – but I absolutely believe there is a field of science out there for everyone, if only they know to look for it. And thanks to Twitter, looking can be as easy as scrolling through your feed while in bed, in pjs.




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